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Reservoir Stimulation Technical Support Services

From our base near London, England, FracTech Laboratories have been delivering high-quality technology services to the international oil and gas industry since 1993. We provide Reservoir Stimulation technical support - primarily rock mechanics and fluid/proppant testing and evaluation - as well as independent completions, hydraulic fracturing, geomechanics and more.

Our very high standards, together with the diligence of our researchers, scientists, analysts and technicians make our work highly sought after. Our Customers know that they can depend on FracTech to deliver accurate, useful and timely reports when they need them, and as a result those Customers come back to us time and time again. Their support has made it possible for us to make substantial investments in laboratory facilities, enabling us to also offer Hydraulic Fracturing Design and Reservoir Appraisal, Wellbore Stability Evaluation and Sand Production Prediction and Rock Mechanics Testing.

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Hydraulic Fracturing

FracTech's complete hydraulic fracturing testing laboratory provides critical proppant testing and product evaluation and optimization for a wide range of conditions. High temperature testing (for example, a recent study of Total's Elgin Franklin 375°F development) is within our standard capability.

Proppant Testing - Flowback
Using it's unique Proppant Flowback Evaluation Cell, FracTech provides direct testing of proppant in flowback control systems under field conditions. Tests on proppant can be performed at temperatures up to 400°F. Stresses of up to 12,000psi are available, with stress cycling options. The Cell rig can provide flow rates equivalent to more than 200 mmscuft/day, with water cut as an option.

Extensive databases of the performance of a range of flowback control systems are available through the PEA41 Joint Industry Project.

Non-Darcy Flow
Using innovative cell design, FracTech provides determination of the effective conductivity of proppant under realistic field conditions. This data is essential to enable the proper selection of optimum proppants for gas, high-rate oil and multiphase production wells. A range of rock types is available to properly simulate soft or hard formations.

Further capability developments are being performed within the PEA74 Joint Industry Project.

Standard Tests

Field Quality Control
FracTech Laboratories provides fluid quality control technicians to monitor fluid delay time, gel strength and break time. Critical breaker concentration measurements are made using a unique measurement process. The technician is there to ensure that fluid issues are identified and corrected before a treatment failure occurs.

Formation Damage Testing

FracTech Laboratories has the capabilities to carry out Formation Damage tests with it's custom built equipment which allows extensive flexibility.
Please see the Formation Damage page under "Services", "Laboratory" for more information.

Screen Testing

Sand Retention, Flow Impairment, Erosion Resistance
In conjunction with BP, FracTech has developed a new Screen Evaluation facility. Features include formation or sized outcrop sand, realistic field rates and the ability to load onto the Screen during testing. This new service provides critical data relating to sand retention and productivity impact.

The new facility has already been used to optimize Screen selection for Azerbaijan and Trinidad.

FracTech has also developed a Screen Erosion rig which enables slugs of sand to be fired at test samples under full-scale field conditions. A gravel pack may be included and D factors can also be determined.

Well Completions

FracTech provides a range of services including evaluation of post drilling clean-up systems, and design and assessment of temporary kill pills.

The Laboratory has extensive experience in handling soft sediments. Optimization of proppant size for frac pack completions is also a key service.

Cuttings Disposal

The successful re-injection of drill cuttings requires information describing the rheological properties of the slurry and how these alter with clay content, particle type and concentration. Leak-off coefficients of slurries are evaluated on reservoir or outcrop rock using a purpose-designed flow loop.

Rock Mechanics

Servo Hydraulic Testing
Servo Hydraulic testing is essential for the proper evaluation of rock mechanical properties.

FracTech Laboratories has facilities for running tri axial tests at temperatures of up to 350°F and pressures of up to 20,000psi, including servo controlled axial stress, radial stress and pore pressure.

Sand Control & Prediction
FracTech provides a sand production prediction analysis based on the thick-walled cylinder approach. This provides a calibrated strength log across the zones of interest.

This service is offered at our base or on location - when immediate information is needed for completion design.

Drilling Depleted Wells
Drilling depleted wells requires the ability to seal off induced fractures rapidly.

Designer mud systems containing unique blends of loss control agents enable rapid sealing of fractures.

Optimized systems are evaluated under field conditions using FracTech's unique depleted well evaluation system, developed in collaboration with BP.

FracTech provides an on-site geomechanics service, where rock strength measurements are made as the core is retrieved. From the resulting calibrated strength log, a safe drawdown window versus depth profile is provided.

Stress state determination is provided using the Anelastic Strain Recovery technique. This service complements in-house Residual Strain Relied techniques.

Joint Industry Projects

For operators wanting to ensure their companies are at the leading edge of technology, or for manufacturers focusing on their company's product development, FracTech hosts a number of Joint Industry Projects:

For more information on individual projects, please see the 'Alliances' section in the menu at the top of this page.

Laboratory Equipment Design & Manufacture

FracTech maintains it's own in-house engineering workshop to develop, manufacture and test uniquely specialized equipment for the industry. We have a range of items of our own design and we can accept bespoke design commissions too. An example of our work in this respect can be seen in the Flowback Evaluation Cell.

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