FracTech Laboratories

Sand Management, Erosion & Screens

FracTech's interest in Sand Management, Erosion and Screens leads on from our geomechanical testing capabilities and proppant testing services. Erosion testing includes the following capabilities:

Erosion from Simulated Formation Fines

Large scale (3" +) screen assemblies under continuous circulation gas flow with silicon carbide particles. Developed for a major US based operator, this rig is used routinely to evaluate long term erosion through screens and expanded porous media.

Large scale (3" +) screen assemblies under continuous water flow with various particle options using the Slot Flow loop. Rates up to 400 lt/min with stirred reservoirs.

Erosion from Back Produced Proppant

Coupon impact testing to determine topsides erosivity rates to different proppant under varying velocities.

Screen Testing

Pre packed bed and slurry testing cells are available for standard pressure build up versus volumes pumped and cumulative solids produced through screen. We can also combine this with our advanced thick walled cylinder testing and Canty camera to produce and image realistically generated solids.

Erosion Rig
Erosion Example
Screen Test Schematic