FracTech Laboratories

Fluid Rock Interaction, Formation Damage and Drilling

The development of the Fluid Rock Interaction Laboratory (FRIL) was motivated by operators wanting to couple the geomechanical response of a core sample to fluid contact. For example, under a specific stress state, an acid may be injected into a sandstone to remove near wellbore damage and may weaken the rock. Being able to evaluate structural changes as well as injection/production behaviour of the core, simultaneously, is the key driver behind this.

FracTech now has the capability to run core flood tests on samples under a wide range of conditions. Example studies include:


Three core flood test rigs to 5000psi, 150C

Hastelloy components for acid handling (including HF)

Real time bulk compressibility measurements to assess porosity changes (soft chalks for example)

Fann 35 for YP, PV

HPHT filter press

Grace rheometers

High shear mud mixing equipment with hot oven rolling

Low shear solids addition safe mixing

Formation Damage Cell in Oven
Injectivity Cell