FracTech Laboratories

Data Protection

25th May 2018

Re: Statement of FracTech General Data Protection

As part of our business dealings or potential dealings with your company, we may retain data records. These may consist of archival of test reports, costings, information in relation to potential studies and other related data. It is necessary for us to retain this Data in order to provide technical support to our clients. We do not retain personal information about any clients. We may retain information relating to employees and sub-contractors of the company. For suppliers, we may retain information relating to procurements costs, terms and conditions and other information. Information is only retained in order to enable the conduct of an efficient business relationship. Unless your company communicates with us by email that you do not wish such Data to be retained, then we will continue to do so. The default is that you accept we will retain this information. On occasion, we may write to you to inform you of new testing services and/or other potential business services that we may offer. We reserve the right to disclose information when required by legal process. We reserve the right to transfer ownership of the Data in the event of a sell or transfer of all or a portion of our business assets. For our part, we undertake to treat all of your Data with the same confidentiality and care that we use for our own data. We will not disclose the data willingly to any third party and in the event that data records are accessed by a third party we will inform you of such within 48 hours of us becoming aware of the breach. The point of contact for any discussion relating to your Data is David Milton-Tayler.

Yours faithfully,

David Milton-Tayler
Managing Director
FracTech Limited