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Laboratory Services

Stress State Determination

Anelastic Strain Recovery & Palaeomagnetic Orientation

"A Field Technique for Stress Azimuth Determination"

FracTech provides an experienced team to travel immediately to your field location.

Using special invar ring gauges developed by Sandia National Laboratories, core strain reliefs are measured and logged by laptop PC's. Multiple systems are used to enable statistical analysis of the data.

Palaeomagnetic Orientation enables un-scribed or poorly scribed samples to be orientated inexpensively and accurately.

Residual Strain Relief

"A Laboratory Technique for Stress Azimuth Determination in the absence of Fresh Core"

Old core, particularly sandstones, contain information about their previous stress history. Using special procedures developed by BP, the technique has been successfully applied to many fields globally.

The technique is particularly useful in pre-frac planning when only core retrieved some years earlier is available.