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Laboratory Services

Hydraulic Fracturing


Fracturing Fluid Flow Loop

Stage 3 of the Fracturing Fluid Flow Loop showing the Back Pressure Coils and Coiling Loop. Fluid from the loop may be directly fed into the Polymer Invasion Cells, the Stack Cell Assembly, the Large Scale Rock Fracture Cell and the Proppant Flowback Cell.

An extensive range of tests is provided for well stimulation:


  layout bullet Perforating Strategy

  layout bullet Complete Fracturing Fluid Evaluation and Optimisation Service (to 400°F)

  layout bullet Proppant Selection and Recommendation (to 400°F and 25,000psi)

  layout bullet Evaluation of Proppant Flowback Control Systems (to 400°F and 25,000psi)

  layout bullet Resin-Coated Proppant - Fluid Interactions (to 400°F)

  layout bullet Acidisation Testing including Dynamic Leak-Off and Etched Conductivity (to 300°F and 25,000psi)

  layout bullet Assessment of Fracture Conductivity Requirements in High Rate Gas Wells and Multiphase Wells

  layout bullet Basline Proppant Evaluation including Long Term Conductivity for Marketing (to 400°F and 25,000psi)

  layout bullet Onsite Field Quality Control

  layout bullet Joint Programme Execution in conjunction with Fracture Technologies Ltd.

  layout bullet Corrosion Inhibitor Testing (to 300°F and 5,000psi)

  layout bullet Rock Mechanics Support (full range of testing available)