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Laboratory Services


The strength of FracTech Engineering lies within its association with FracTech Laboratories. Equipment is designed and manufactured with a close understanding of the need of functionality and ease of operation gained from FracTech staff.

Equipment Design
FracTech Ltd. Using the latest technology and software control facilities
FracTech Ltd. Robust and user friendly to enable reliable routine testing for the technical support centre
FracTech Ltd. Flexible to allow inexpensive modifications for the R + D centre
Equipment Installation
FracTech Ltd. Equipment installed and commissioned
FracTech Ltd. Staff training in operation
Examples Of FracTech Engineering's Capabilities
FracTech Ltd. High pressure, high temperature reaction vessels
FracTech Ltd. 100 ton servo-controlled hydraulic presses
FracTech Ltd. Proppant flowback cells
FracTech Ltd. Low pressure, slot visualisation
FracTech Ltd. 35,000 psi triaxial cells

One of the first of its kind, this tensiometer allows the determination of insitu tensile strength of the cured resin-coated proppant.
Equipment Manufacture
FracTech Ltd. High Quality Materials
FracTech Ltd. Machining done in-house by FracTech personnel in close liaison with our design engineers
New Equipment Now Available
FracTech Ltd. Mid Sized Flow Back Cell click here for details
FracTech Ltd. Slurry Injection Pots click here for details